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Kochav Press is a boutique publishing house specializing in subjects that have to do with Judaism or the Land of Israel.

We see the entire project through --beginning with the design and layout of the publication -- all the way until its distribution.

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This beautifully illustrated guide contains 20 walks in Jerusalem and 23 hikes around Jerusalem, including in the Jerusalem corridor and Judean Desert.


Most hikes are easily reachable by public transport, and include Waze and Moovit destinations. Maps with numbered locations make the hikes easy to follow.


Most of the chapters contain descriptions of nearby fun attractions such as museums, workshops and amusement parks together with their QR code. Throughout the book are short interesting essays on the historic, Biblical and geographic significance of the places being visited.


There is also a section on outdoor pools and swimming pools suitable for swimming and bathing. With this book in your hand you have everything you would love to know about Jerusalem and the areas around Jerusalem.


Hike Book Cover in 3D.jpg

310 pages

Price $29.95

120 NIS with VAT

In and Around Jerusalem for Everyone

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